I have been engaged in the development of cardiovascular drugs and anticancer drugs for 30 years in a Japanese pharmaceutical company. I also had the opportunity to participate in various activities of the pharmaceutical industry, and I have gained experience in capturing things from multiple perspectives, as well as broadening a network. In 2023, I suffered from prostate cancer and experienced cancer treatment. I felt the development of medical devices and the management of advanced medical hospitals from the patient’s perspective. In the treatment, my attending physician explained the importance of maintaining physical fitness, and I also realized the importance of diet and exercise.

In life, we are given a healthy body from parents, grow up with eating and exercising, and participate in society. However, we sometimes become ill with age and receive some treatment. In the treatment, medicine and surgery are the mainstream of treatment. We should make efforts to prevent disease, considering that “frailty” is a major social issue in the aging society. To prevent it, the attitudes to enjoy diet, exercise, and social participation are required throughout life.

Recently, I have more opportunities to visit my mother’s hometown in the San-in region, and realized that regional revitalization is an urgent issue for Japan. In areas where depopulation and aging are serious, community medicine is also important for local revitalization. I believe that it is necessary to build a community infrastructure based the purpose in life, considering the continuation of community medicine and the expansion of nursing care. To contribute to it, I got qualification of Medical Management Specialist, and Japan Master of Health Literacy.

Based on my past experiences in the development of medicine and cancer treatment, I established Saito Concierge Co., Ltd., which purpose is leading a life worth living through medical and health services.