I grew up in Nerima and Itabashi of Tokyo, and Shimane of Tottori Prefecture. Looking back to my carrier, I have been supported by many seniors, colleagues and friends. I am also grateful to Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd., where I learned many things through 30 years during the development of medicine.

I will launch my activities based on Nerima of Tokyo, and Yonago of Tottori. I put my two thoughts into the company’s logo. The shape represents the will to be all ears. The colors, white and green, are love for my hometown. A Japanese radish and green onion are the specialty of Nerima and Yonago, respectively. As a company that contributes to society, I would like to be of service to everyone to realize dreams.

Through the following six activity scopes, I will contribute to the establishment of a community where people live with smiles.

(1) Healthcare business consultants in Japan and Asia

(2) Consultants in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry

(3) Consultants for developing healthcare products in Japan, Asia, Europe, and the United States

(4) Delegation of lecturers and training lecturers on healthcare and management

(5) Consultants for developing and marketing apparel, food and veterinary medicine

(6) Consultants for human resources training materials